Jennifer Nicely began climbing in February 2009 and hasn’t stopped pushing herself to become the best climber – and the best athlete – she can be.

Nicely has competed in many rock climbing competitions, often placing in her division. While she has had many wonderful experiences and successes as a rock climber, her biggest challenge came when she suffered a massive rock climbing injury in 2012. The damage Nicely sustained to her left arm was extensive enough that she almost lost her left arm. But even a seven hour emergency surgery, and approximately 4 – 6 months in a robot brace, along with the subsequent recovery and therapy, couldn’t keep Nicely from doing what she loved. In fact, the first thing she asked doctors when she woke up from surgery was, “When can I climb?”

This indomitable will and unwillingness to ever give up has pushed Nicely forward in her athletics, eventually leading her to American Ninja Warrior. Nicely is a competitor for the first time on American Ninja Warrior Season 7 and is thrilled and honored to be a part of such an amazing experience and among such elite athletes.

For more information on Nicely’s accident – including an video interview with both her and her surgeon, or to read a first person account in her own words, please see the “Media” section of this website and check out the “Rex Brand New Day” video link, or get a copy of Rock and Ice magazine’s July 2015 Issue.

While Nicely has become a huge inspiration to many athletes out there, she feels it is only appropriate to give credit where it is due – with all of the people who have helped her fight back from such a life-changing injury. In her own words, “When people tell me I am an inspiration, I’m blown away. To me, there is no greater compliment. But I would not be where I am today without so many people…my family, friends, all the medical staff involved in my injury and recovery, and my amazing boyfriend. They have all believed in me; even when I struggled to believe in myself. Hopefully, my story is one of hope and perseverance. But also, a story of support and encouragement. Because of the support I’ve had, I am able to continue doing the things I love. And I am incredibly grateful."




“Triple Crown” outdoor bouldering series – Second Place for Series, Beginner Women, (Fall 2010)

Ultimate Gym “Science Friction” indoor bouldering competition – Second Place, Intermediate Women (Spring 2011)

“New River Rendezvous” outdoor bouldering competition – Second Place, Novice Women (Spring 2011)

Eastern Carolina University “Flatlander’s Fling” indoor bouldering competition – Third Place, Advanced Women (Spring 2012)

Triangle Rock Club “Carolina Crush” indoor rope climbing competition – Second Place, Advanced Women (Spring 2013)

On the Edge Rock Climbing Gym, USA Climbing Bouldering Competition - First Place, Intermediate Women (Fall 2015)

Aiguille Rock Climbing Center, USA Climbing Bouldering Competition - First Place, Intermediate Women (Fall 2015)

OCR/Mud Runs:

Tactical Titan Obstacle Course Race – Third Place, Age Group award (Fall 2014)

Mud Titan Obstacle Course Race - Third Place Age Group award (Fall 2015)

Muddy Brute Obstacle Course Race - Third Place Age Group award (Winter 2015)

Mud Titan Obstacle Course Race - First Place Age Group award (Summer 2016)

OCRWC Qualifier for 2016

Ninja Warrior Competitions:

Ninja Lounge, UNAA 2015 Qualifier competition - Second Place in Women's Division (Fall 2015)

UNAA Regional Qualifier for Spring 2016

Ninja Lounge, UNAA 2016 Regional and Ninja Competition - First Place in Women's Division ninja competition (Spring 2016)

UNAA National Qualifier Wildcard for 2016 National's


“My Epic” article – Rock and Ice; the Climber’s Magazine – (July 2015, Issue 227)

American Ninja Warrior Season 7 competitor (Spring/Summer 2015)



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